60 DOBP Day 5 – Words of Affirmation

Today’s best practice is words of affirmation. There is a power like no other in self belief. When believing in yourself you are capable of doing things to no limit. The caps are off and you begin to operate and function at capacities that push you into the very thing you believe yourself capable of.

60 DOBP Day 4 – Reading

Todays best practice will involve the incorporation of reading into your schedule. Im challenging you to find a book wether it be digital or physical, an online article or a source of information relative to your gifting & desired career choice. Reading is an essential part of growth and expansion and it also keeps the
“The moment you start believing yourself great, you become great! Our thoughts about ourself shape our every day dynamics” – MJ The concept of thinking your way into success is a unfamiliar concept for a lot of people. We all believe in something. I believe however there is something powerful that happens to us when
I was having a conversation with a partner of mine today in regards to self investment and what it means to truly water your own soil. Not only the importance of sewing into your own gifting, identity and brand. The strategic methods in which the investment occurs with the planned outcome representing the pre- investment